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How can I get access to the Academy?

1. go to our website and add the desired online training to your shopping cart. 2. then go to check-out to complete the purchase. 3. after the purchase you will receive the access by mail (may take some time, please also check your spam folder). 4. n

Where do I upload my images to get the certificate?

Your pictures from the treatment must be uploaded directly in the portal, do not send them via Instagram or mail. When you click through the Academy, you will find an "Upload" box at the bottom where you can upload the results. Once you have done tha

What do I have to do to get a certificate?

To receive your certificate online from us, you must do the following:For your certification, we need, 3 model images in 4 different variations, so that we can assess your results according to our criteria. 4 different variations means 4 different st

What if I can't attend the free online training?

This is not a problem, you can still register and the next day you will receive the recording of the training and can then register with the code sent to the Academy and go through everything in detail at your own pace.

How long do I have to upload my results?

You have 4 weeks to upload your results directly to the Academy. Please do not send the pictures by mail or Instagram, there is an extra area in the portal for the "Upload". If you need more time for personal reasons, you can contact the customer ser

What does uploading 3 model pictures in 4 different variations mean?

To get your certificate from us, you must upload 3 model pictures in 4 different variations in the Academy. This means you should photograph and upload 4 different steps of the treatment on 3 models. For example, during the Lashlift, how you glued th

How long do the professionals control my results?

Usually, the professionals look at your results within 14 days and then you receive your personal feedback and with it either your certificate or a correction. There may be some delays, as we check a lot of submitted results on some days and the prof

Does the certificate say "online training" ?

On the certificate that you will receive after you have successfully completed the online training, you will receive your personal certificate by mail with "Online Training" written on it.

When is another new online live training scheduled?

To make sure you don't miss any scheduled trainings, please subscribe to our newsletter. There you will always be the first to know about the latest products, scheduled trainings, discount promotions and important tips. You can sign up for the newsle