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Are there any discounts today?

To find out if we currently have a discount code, you can check the announcement bar at the top of our homepage. If you don't want to miss any discount codes, I recommend signing up for our newsletter. This way, you will always be up to date and won'

When is my order arriving?

As soon as the package is on its way to you, we will send you a shipping confirmation. You can click on the tracking link to check the current status of your shipment.

Do I get any discount as B2B customer?

Die meisten unserer Produkte sind für den gewerblichen Gebrauch bestimmt und die Preise sind dementsprechend bereits auf den B2B-Markt ausgerichtet. Wenn du mehrere Geschäfte betreibst und in größeren Mengen einkaufen möchtest, kannst du gerne Kontak

Are your products for everybody?

Most of the products from Augenmanufaktur are intended for trained professionals. If you are not proficient in a certain treatment, we offer the opportunity to learn it conveniently from home through our online academy. Our online courses are specifi

How can I pay in your shop?

You can pay in our shop by credit card, Paypal, instant bank transfer or cash on delivery.

Can I also use your advertising materials and images from your websites for my social media programmes?

Ja kannst du! Alle Werbemittel kann man hier downloaden:

Wie bekomme ich eine Kopie von meiner Rechnung?

For data protection reasons, we will send the requested invoice to the e-mail address stored in our system.

What can I send as a Swiss company for registration?

A confirmation of the successful entry in AHV is also sufficient as free text in an e-mail, or direct registration in the shop, so that the person agrees that he is a B2B customer with the agreement of the terms and conditions.