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Everything about the Lashlift GlueUpdated 2 months ago

Did I use the right adhesive?
It's not unheard of for everyone to want to buy the "strongest" glue on the market, but that doesn't always mean it's the best one for you. If you buy the strongest glue, it usually means that it dries the fastest and that's where the problem often lies.

Example 1 Eyelash extension: you usually need 3 - 5 seconds when gluing a fan or extension, but you use an eyelash glue that dries in 0.5 - 1 seconds, then this eyelash glue is not suitable for you. Since the glue is already, before you stick the fan on the eyelashes, already dried.

Example 2 Lashlift: When fixing the eyelashes, you coat the whole pad with glue at the beginning and only need for fixing the first eyelashes already 10-15 seconds, meanwhile you notice that the glue in the middle of the pad is already dried and you have to use glue again. Then you complain about the glue, because it dries too quickly and becomes hard.

In that case, it's not the glue, it's that the glue is too fast for you. You should start working in batches to avoid drying out in the future.

In the beginning, we always recommend using a glue that dries more slowly. But don't worry: it will still do its job perfectly, it will just suit you and your experience level much better.

You can stop thinking that some glues are stronger than others. With slower drying lash glue, you can still achieve incredible longevity!

Are your studio space conditions ideal?
Did your glue always work before and now suddenly it doesn't? 

That means something has changed and it's not the glue. You have to measure and check the humidity and temperature in your studio daily or better said continuously. Every glue, generally every product has an optimal storage condition that should always be respected. If you don't know the condition, feel free to ask!

Are you taking care of the adhesive properly? 
If you don't take care of your glue properly, it's not surprising that the glue will clump, stick or dry out. It's super important that you clean the glue nozzle after each use, store your glue in an optimal location (cool & dry) as already described above, and make sure to remove the lid when shaking so there is no excess glue around the edge of the lid. To cover the glue without the lid when shaking, we recommend our Cotton Pads.

Another tip, always store the glue upright!

Are you using the right amount of glue?
Some glues are more liquid than others, so you will need to apply more of it to the lashes or extensions than if you are working with a glue that has more of a thick liquid consistency. To use the right amount of glue we have a silicone palette that will give you the optimal amount to use.

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