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Learn how to give your lashes a beautiful, lasting curl. This category provides guides, frequently asked questions, and aftercare tips for lash lamination.

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Find out everything you need to know about brow lift treatments to make your eyebrows fuller and more shaped. This category includes detailed instructions, answers to your questions, and care advice for after the treatment.

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Learn how to add long-lasting color and definition to your eyebrows with Brow Henna.

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Lash & Brow Tint

In this category, you'll find everything you need to know about tinting lashes and eyebrows. Discover the best techniques, products, and care tips to perfectly enhance your lashes and brows.

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Eyelash extensions

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Care Products for me and my clients

What care products for my clients?To take good care of your eyelashes or eyebrows after a treatment, there are several products available. Very popular is our natural serum, which moisturizes the lashes and increases lash growth. For this we recommen

Lamination vs Double Filler, what are the difference

The lamination & the double filler are two intensive care treatments for eyelashes and eyebrows. The hairs are supplied with nutrients, vitamins and proteins and strengthened. However, the difference is big!. The Double Filler nourishes & rebuilds da

Lamination vs Double Filler, what are the difference copy

What care in the cabin?Double Filler - nourishes & rebuilds damaged hair from the inside and outside.Lamination - protects & nourishes the hair from the outside (protective coat). The Double Filler is applied first.Then apply the Keratin Booster and

Flat Siliconpads vs. round siliconpads

Flat and round silicone pads are both intended for use in lash lifting, but they have different shapes and sizes and therefore produce different results. Flat siliconpads are used to lift and shape the lashes. The flat siliconpads lift the lashes alr

Can I keep the sachets for 3 months after opening?

The sachets are for one-shot applications and we therefore recommend using them within 24 hours.

How long does the primer last after opening?

Once the bottles have been opened, it can be kept for 3 months.

Do you have to have a business in the cosmetics industry to be able to purchase products?

No. However, when registering you must bear in mind that our GTC are aimed at business customers, i.e. not consumers within the meaning of Section 13 of the German Civil Code (BGB).

How long do the Lashlift/Browlift lotions last? And how are they stored?

The lotions in bottles have a shelf life of 3 months after opening. The sachets are for 1 application and therefore have a shelf life of 24 hours after opening. Unopened, the lotions can be kept for over 30 months. The storage temperature for the lot

Are there any allergies to the products?

Yes, allergies can occur, but we have not yet experienced this in our salon. If you are unsure about a customer, or if you have new customers in the salon in general, we recommend you do a patch test beforehand.

How long does the primer last?

Shelf life 3 months after opening the bottles.

How should the products be stored?

Each product has a note in the description on the website or on the packaging describing the correct storage and shelf life.

Do you offer B2B pricing?

Our shop is aimed exclusively at companies and not end customers. We are happy to grant a 10% discount for the first order.

How long does the Magic Lashes Glue last?

After opening 3 months. The shelf life also depends on how often you open the glue. It can also only last for a month if it is not stored correctly and opened often. Important: always close it immediately.

Which products are vegan?

With the exception of products containing keratin, all other products are vegan, see also:

What is the difference between this adhesive and the other adhesive?

We have a document with the summary for all adhesives.

How long does the adhesive last? How long can it be used?

Always reseal immediately after opening and keep for at least three months. Exclusively for external use. For approx. 25 applications.

Can allergic reactions occur during treatment?

Yes, allergic reactions can occur during treatment, especially if clients are allergic to certain ingredients in the products. It is important to inform customers of the possible risks before use and to carry out a patch test beforehand to ensure tha

Can the lotions in the bottles spoil and thus lose their effect?

Yes, the lotions in the bottles can spoil and lose their effectiveness, especially if they are not stored properly. Some factors that can cause lotions to spoil are:. Exposure to air and light: lotions can oxidise through contact with air and light,

When should the lotion be left on for longer than 10 minutes?

The application time for short, fine lashes is 10 minutes, for normal lashes 11 minutes and for thick lashes 12-15 minutes.

What is the decision for the exposure time?

The application time is based on the length, structure and condition of the lashes. This means that individual needs and characteristics can be taken into account to achieve optimum results.

What is the shelf life of the Glue Balm?

Shelf life 24 months after opening.

How much do treatments with the Hydra Glow Pen cost?

Varies depending on the location, time and order. Per minute 1€.

Normally, the treatment aspects differ according to the needle quantity - with your pen is this regulated according to the depth?

Yes, we have 3 different needle attachments, which differ from each other.

Which serums are generally suitable? What is the shelf life of the serum?

You can use any serum you like. Depending on which serum you use, there is an expiry date on the packaging, please note this. We also have great serums in our shop, please take a look!.

What would be the treatment for acne problems? Which products or use of the pen?

For acne problems, the pen can be used with special serums and targeted treatments to improve the skin and combat blemishes. Light needling should definitely be used here. But be careful, please do not use this treatment if you have active acne!.

How much time should I plan for the treatment at the institute and how much should the treatment cost?

The time required and the price for the treatment can vary depending on the extent and type of application. We recommend 1-2€ per minute.

What exactly is the difference to microneedling?

The Hydra Glow Pen combines microneedling with the simultaneous application of serums, whereas classic microneedling only uses needles. In addition, treatment with the pen only involves ‘stamping’ over the skin and not pulling.

Can you also tell me how often the needles pierce in each stage?

The number of needle stitches can vary depending on the setting. However, this can be customised.

What needle lengths should I use for stretch marks or scars?

Needle lengths should be chosen according to the depth of the stretch marks or scars, with longer needles recommended for deeper scars.

And with classic microneedling, you tend to wipe over the skin, which you don't do with the pen?

No, the skin is ‘stamped’ here!

With microneedling, it is recommended to leave at least 2 weeks between treatments. Is this also the case here?

Depending on the needle length, the treatment can be carried out weekly or monthly. You can find more information on this directly with the product! Or at our free live training sessions!

Are the attachments for the pen individual to each pen or do they all fit?

The attachments from the Hydra Glow Pen only fit on this pen!

Is collagen production stimulated with every needle size?

Yes, collagen production is stimulated by microneedling with every needle size.

Can I also do a BB Glow treatment with the Hydra Glow Pen?

Yes, the Hydra Glow Pen can also be used for a BB Glow treatment.

So can you also use a cream or gel? I use hyaluronic acid and it is rather gel-like.

Yes, creams or gels can be used in combination with the Hydra Glow Pen depending on skin type and needs. But the more fluid the contents, the easier the application.

What is the difference between the Glue Balm and the Aqua Blue Gel?

Glue Balm nourishes with rich vitamins & Aqua Glue Gel nourishes with vegetable proteins, the consistency is different, the Glue Balm is slightly firmer & Aqua Glue Gel is as soft as butter.

Does the Lash + Browlift Lotion have the same effect as the normal sachets?

The combination lotion achieves the same effect, but here the formulation is adapted to both hair structures and is therefore suitable for eyelashes and eyebrows.

Is the primer necessary?

Yes, this prepares the eyelashes/eyebrows and the skin for the treatment. This degreases and removes excess sebum and oils from the skin.

Can I also use the Browlift Glue for eyelashes? And the other way round with the Lashlift Glue, can I use it for eyebrows?

You can also use the Lashlift Glue for the eyebrows without any problems, but not the Browlift Glue for the eyelashes, as it may be too weak for the eyelashes.

Welche Alternative gibt es zu der Strechtfolie?

Our Lash Cover Pads are ideal for this! Simply place them over the lashes and make sure that you clean them after Lotion #1 before placing the Cover Pads on top of the second phase.

How do I switch off the Duo Timer?

The Duo Timer can be switched off by pressing and holding the ‘ST/SP’ button.

Can Lashlift Lotion also be used for eyebrows? And the other way round with Browlift Lotion for the eyelashes?

No, because the lotions are ONLY customised for the respective hair structures.

What is the Brow Pen Lift for?

Our Brow Pen Lift is a very versatile product. You can use it to: Set highlights, pre-draw brow mapping and touch up make-up.