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Everything about the Glue Balm

Does the balm dry quickly on the lashes?No, the balm does not dry completely during the treatment, because it is a balm and the eyelashes are nourished with the oils. How many treatments can I do with the Balm?It varies, about 30 - 40 treatments. Wha

Everything about the Siliconpads

How often can I reuse the silicone pads?With careful care, you can reuse all our silicone pads up to 100 times without any problems. How do I stick the silicone pads to the eyelid?Clean the eyelid oil-free, e.g. with the Augenmanufaktur make-up remov

Everything about the Lashlift Glue

Did I use the right adhesive?It's not unheard of for everyone to want to buy the "strongest" glue on the market, but that doesn't always mean it's the best one for you. If you buy the strongest glue, it usually means that it dries the fastest and tha

Your customers are in tears? Reasons why

Adhesive leaks into the eyeEven if your customers are supposed to keep their eyes closed, it can always happen that during the treatment the eyes were opened a bit and thus products like the glue got into the eyes. Every adhesive, whether for Lashlif

F&Q Browhenna

What is Browhenna?Brow Henna is a vegetable color that is applied to eyebrows and eyelashes. It gives a deeper and long-lasting color. Unlike traditional colors, Brow Henna contains no chemical additives and is therefore gentle on the eyebrows and ey

Care Products for me and my clients

What care products for my clients?To take good care of your eyelashes or eyebrows after a treatment, there are several products available. Very popular is our natural serum, which moisturizes the lashes and increases lash growth. For this we recommen

What if the Lashlift glue doesn't hold the lashes?

There are some important points you should consider when handling an glue. For one, your room temperature plays an important role, but also how you store it, apply it, and what products you use. For example, if you're working with other brands silico

How long must the eyelash & eyebrow tint be left on?

The color must always act only 3 minutes!

Lamination vs Double Filler, what are the difference

The lamination & the double filler are two intensive care treatments for eyelashes and eyebrows. The hairs are supplied with nutrients, vitamins and proteins and strengthened. However, the difference is big!. The Double Filler nourishes & rebuilds da

Lamination vs Double Filler, what are the difference copy

What care in the cabin?Double Filler - nourishes & rebuilds damaged hair from the inside and outside.Lamination - protects & nourishes the hair from the outside (protective coat). The Double Filler is applied first.Then apply the Keratin Booster and

Flat Siliconpads vs. round siliconpads

Flat and round silicone pads are both intended for use in lash lifting, but they have different shapes and sizes and therefore produce different results. Flat siliconpads are used to lift and shape the lashes. The flat siliconpads lift the lashes alr