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F&Q BrowhennaUpdated 2 months ago

What is Browhenna?
Brow Henna is a vegetable color that is applied to eyebrows and eyelashes. It gives a deeper and long-lasting color. Unlike traditional colors, Brow Henna contains no chemical additives and is therefore gentle on the eyebrows and eyelashes.

What is an ombre look? 
An ombre look is a hairstyling trend where the hair is darker at the roots and slowly lightens towards the tips. This effect is usually achieved by coloring or tinting the hair and can be styled in different ways, depending on the preferences of the wearer. In general, the ombre look is a casual and youthful style that is suitable for many different hair types and lengths.

How do I achieve an ombre look?

1. first cleanse the eyebrows thoroughly to remove any oils, dirt and makeup residue.

2. apply the chosen Brow Henna color evenly over the entire brow, starting at the base (beginning) and slowly working towards the tips (end) 

3. make sure that the color is applied evenly and directly into the desired shape 4. now let the Brow Henna color work in according to the instructions on the package (define the working time yourself, if necessary, depending on the customer's wishes) 

5. to achieve the perfect ombre look, remove the front (approx. 1/3) henna color a few minutes beforehand with oil and leave the remaining (2/3) color to work on the eyebrows.

6. then carefully remove the remaining color on the eyebrows with oil  

7. pluck the eyebrows into shape and finally, be sure to use a care product. 

How long does Browhenna last?
The result lasts up to fourteen days on the skin.

What is the shelf life of the bottles of Browhenna?
Unopened, shelf life is 36 months. Close opened bottle directly after use, 6 months shelf life after opening.

How do I apply Browhenna? 
First, thoroughly cleanse the eyebrow area with Brow Cleanser. On the cleansed, dry skin, you stir in the brow shape with Vaseline or with the WowBrow Lift Pen. Now mix the eyebrow powder with a few drops of hot water. The enclosed pipette is helpful for dosing. The consistency should be slightly creamy. Then apply the paste with the brush to the pre-drawn brow shape. Small corrections can be made with a moist cotton swab.

The application time is about ten to fifteen minutes. Then remove the dried color with the help of Brow Oil. In the following 24 hours, contact with water must be avoided, but the brow area may and should be cared for with Brow Oil. The eyebrow powder Brow Henna is productive, one gram of powder is enough for four to five applications. Immediately after application, especially when wet, the color looks darker, but the effect weakens after one to two days.

You can find videos about the application here - Learn Browhenna

How long is the application time of Browhenna?
Depending on how intesive you want the color to be on your skin, we recommend 15-20 minutes.

What is the mixing ratio of Browhenna?
Approx. 2 pipettes of water and 1 spoon of color powder.

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